Marvin Windows Dynamic Components out of Plumb/Square

I’ve been trying to work with the Marvin Window dynamic components and every time I insert one into my model the component loads out of plumb to my Axis and is itself out of square. Very frustrating. Has anyone either had experience with this or can help me troubleshoot my downloading process. Thanks.

I have been using the Marvin DCs for a couple of years now and have not seen that problem. Can you give me the link to one of the windows that does not work for you and I will double check?

Paul, this is one link. I appreciate you taking a look.

You are right. I can see just by the photo the component is not plumb. I went on the warehouse website, called up Marvin Windows and within the 1,732 listings, the Clad Ultimate Casement, the Clad Ultimate Double Hung and the Clad Ultimate Awning all are inaccurate. Something must have happened since I have used all three of those at one time or another and had no problems. Maybe someone else more familiar with the way these are inserted can help.

Thanks Paul, I might try to bring this to Marvin’s attention.

The download link states last revision was 8/9/15;
The dashed line is a swing reference and not auto fold;
I used the query tool ( You will have to load that from extension warehouse if you want to use it.) and could not find an error you noted. The model you posted uses architectural as units, the actual fraction is exact , but conversion to decimal may not be so set your model units to max. precision decimal and see if you get same results. The model uses a number of nested components , so make sure you are in the correct context if using the text or dimension tools. Marvin does not use layers. Using them may help you to make sure measurements are correct.
I used the 2015 version of their model

I downloaded the model in question. 3DWH indicates it was last modified on 8/19/15

It looks fine to me.
See anything wrong with this picture?

For your interest, this model truly is crooked.

Yes, it appears that the models in question have been corrected.