Mapping issue when tranferring to twinmotion

I imported an SU model into Twinmotion and the mapping is screwed. I have attched images showing the problem. Does anybody have any ideas why this happ ened or sugest a fix?

Screwed wall

See last comment in this thread, about “Projected Texture”:

Thanks miihai, I have done a test but the only way I can get it to work is to project the image as a texture the slow way by actual projection amd the replacement of each wall and since my walls are complex, too complex to scale the texture with any precision I will need to put about 5 hours of work to rectify. It seems that the twinmotion app just made it unusable on this project…

If anyone has this issue the answer is to check the "Fix UV/Texture box in “options” before you load the model

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