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I will be using SketchUp to prepare models for export to Chief Architect. Some of the models on 3D warehouse have less than desirable UV’s. For example there’s a sofa that I’d like to use, but the fabric doesn’t fit well on the model. Is it possible to change the projection of these models to something else like cubic mapping within the Free version? If not, is it possible to do in the Pro version? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Here’s an example of a model that was not created by me. Is it possible for me to remap an existing model in the Free or Pro version?

There are various plugins to help mapping textures, that you’d need the pro version to use them --or maybe an older version of make . That said, you can at least get it better than that picture by using the native tools. I don’t know about the workflow to CA, how this fits in. Can you fix it in CA?

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Fredo6’s Thru Paint would be a good tool for doing the mapping of the materials. As @pbacot indicates, you would need a desktop client version. If your application is commercial use, you will need SketchUp Pro.


Thanks for the replies. Simple cubic or box projection would be fine for this model. Is this possible in the Pro version without plugins? Unfortunately, CA has no mapping capabilities other than scaling and offsetting the texture - at least that I can find.

For a simple box mapping you should have a look at the plugin SketchUV (Whaat).

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Cotty - thanks for the reply. Is this not something that can be done out of the box with SketchUp? Honestly, I am having a fit trying to get this sofa cushion mapped. In fact, I am unable to select an individual face and therefore, don’t have the option of selecting > texture > position. I’m not sure what’s going on. I would appreciate someone taking a look at the attached file. I’ve done countless searches for material/texture mapping and variations. I find it hard to believe it’s not possible to change the mapping on these cushions to something like cubic or box mapping. Thanks!

Sofa_contemporary w_pilows.skp (15.6 MB)

To select an individual face you need to exposed the hidden geometry. View>Hidden Geometry.

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you can position 3 faces with projected textures, sample them and apply to the 6 faces of the cushion ( I’m writing on my phone and cannot create an example, sorry).

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Projecting the texture would work.

DaveR - Thanks. I am now showing hidden geometry and am able to select individual faces of which there are many. Do I have to reposition every single face? There’s got to be an easier way. Thanks.

Yes. Set the texture to Projected and apply it.

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DaveR - that’s exactly what I’m after. Please explain to me how you did it. I am lost. Thanks!

Have no clue how to do that.

Right click on a face that has the texture applied correctly (I drew a rectangle on the ground plane and applied the texture to it.) then sample the texture with the eye dropper in Materials and apply it to the surface with the hidden geometry NOT visible.

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DaveR - thanks. that’s getting me much closer. Is there an easy way now to handle the vertical planes of the cushions without affecting the tops that are already mapped correctly? Is the only way to select the individual faces? I cannot believe simple cubic mapping isn’t a feature in SketchUp. Will any of the plugins mentioned in this thread make it easier to do all at once?

The front of it being streaked bothered me when I did the same steps, so I showed hidden geometry and grouped the top of the cushion with other things, just to isolate the front of the cushion. I then tilted the rectangle on the ground to be vertical (it’s odd by the way that the couch is on a hill), then resampled the texture and applied it to the front. Then I exploded the group I had previously made.

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Colin has offered a way to deal with the vertical faces.

The couch isn’t on a hill. Someone screwed the axis orientation.

Frankly, before spending any more time on applying textures to the faces, I would fix the bad and excess geometry. Or better, redraw the entire couch so it is more efficiently model and doesn’t have so much unneeded triangulation. That would make adding the textures easier.

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Thanks Colin & DaveR - As mentioned in the first post, I downloaded this model from 3D warehouse hoping it would be a quick solution. In all fairness to the author, it could have been me who changed the axis. I’ve given up on this model, but am still in need of some good quality furniture for a design due in the next few days. Are there places where I can purchase good quality models of this type? SketchUp is brand new to me. Again, I really appreciate all the help!

In 3D Warehouse you can do an advanced search, where you can ask for only models that are real products. Most of those come from the manufacturer, and so ought to be decent. Try this link:

There are sliders too, where you can set a file size range and a polygon range. Here are sofas that 5MB or less, and 2000 polygons or less:

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