Manually Editing Polygons


I’m manipulating polygons to make a rough human face, its a low res mesh, not a lot of detail so I’m simply grabbing nodes and pushing or pulling to set the right depth, if I need more detail I add lines to form more polygons. Dont really want to use Artisan etc as they work with big areas.
My problem is controlling the pull and push which wants to go haywire, but I’m patient and by using the lighting and rotating I can slowly sculpt the contours.
My problem is that there seems to be a snap command turned on, if I try to pull it resists then jumps dramatically, its not smooth and fine control is not possible. Second is controlling the direction of the push pull tool which is not often following a defined axes.
Could be that my model is too small and I’ll try enlarging. I like the jaggy look of low res, anybody got a tip?


Have a look at Thomthom’s Vertex tools.


Thanks, I’m aware of Vetex Tools and have a copy of Artisan, problem is they are too good for what I want to do. Might go back to them if I have to but I’m manipulating each node manually as the mesh is very crude and strongly faceted and I like it that way. I did increase my model to 20 meters high and found the snap effect was much less of a problem.


Vertex tools allows you to move individual vertices. It is designed for exactly what you describe.
You probably have length snapping enabled in Preferences/units, so scaling means you are not be limited by a specific snap distance.


length snapping, didn’t know it was there, I’ve been doing searches on snap, that seems to have done it, everything has loosed up. I’m quite happy to pick away pulling, pushing, subtracting and adding to slowly get what I want. I realize there’s faster more sophisticated ways to go at it, I do have Artisan and might take a look at Vertex tools but I’m happy to slowly get what I’m after. Thanks


I just looked up length snapping but found no reference to it on the knowledge center, layout has object snapping.


See Window/Model Info - Units. Check box for ‘Enable length snapping’ (or words to that effect - on my phone so quoting from memory.)



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