Manage activations error after updating

Anyone know how to fix this error?
It happened as soon as I followed suggested link to update to 2023…
I’ve since deleted my 2022 version, signed out, restarted PC- still no luck.
Also, does Trimble have any email/ chat support?


The sign in that you did in 2022 is perhaps still active. If you click manage Activations, then in your account page find your SketchUp Pro subscription. Click the link that shows included applications, and in the SketchUp Pro box click on Manage Devices. Deauthorize all devices, then come back to SketchUp and sign out and sign in again.

If you had not deleted 2022 you could have opened it and signed out, and that would have freed up an activation for 2023 to use.

I used this to deactivate all devices…
How might I reactivate a device (this is the only option I see)?