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Hello All,
I am sure this has come up before and here it is again.
I am having issues with Sketchup 2024 not starting, I believe it is due to the due monitors etc. I would have to try and start SketchUp multiple time before it would eventually start. This has now improved with taking out all unsigned extensions. I will try and sort this out once I deal with the following.

The following is the real issue I tried to go back to version 2023 and got the following message;

You have exceeded your allowed activations

To continue, please sign out of another instance of SketchUp, or use the link below to sign out of all versions you have authorized in the past. Then, click the profile icon above to sign out and try again.

So I have logged in, after closing the sketchup screen, and tried to deactivate on Trimbles site. I then sign out and restart SketchUp and still get the same message. My account still says Active even after I deactivate. I have one seat and three occurrences of SketchUp free ( which I never use) I can not seem to deactivate any version.
I can not start 2023 or 2024 now, so I am stuck without a working version.
Any ideas?

I must say despite Trimble confirming deactivation every time I do it, it does not seem to action it. It does not seem very intuitive in my view.

Answering myself.

I had to sign-out of the Sketchup splash screen and sign in again to get Sketchup working again.

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