Making texture like this in Vray Next

Can anyone help me to make a brown texture like in this image?

you mean a siding like this?

I use Alchemist but you could do it in Quixel Mixer (its free)…

I use a starting material from Source (or MegaScans) then change it to the type of siding I wish to create e, (Weathered, Charred, Varnished, Painted etc) layer it up with some adjustments and dirt layers. then export out the maps you need for your vray slots…

Additionally, I always make a composite version in PhotoShop to use in SU directly, so the model looks about right (which is what I am showing in the above post) this is the base colour image, the AO image is then multiplied over (with levels) and then the Normal map is turned into a bump map using the built in 3D filter in PS, this bump is then also multiplied over the base colour with a heavy use of a levels adjustment layer. This image is then used in the custom binding in Vray.

You could probably do it all in Vray natively to be honest but using Alchemist or Mixer will give you far more control over tiling etc and opportunity for variation.

Just my 2 pennies worth. Hope this helps.
PS, you are quite welcome to use these maps if that is any help too.

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Thank you!
but I meant about the texture Not about the siding.

You can add a mix map texture to the diffuse, choose brown color for the first color and light brown for the second… Add a dirt map to the mix map, done… You can find dirt maps by searching google…

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You can also just add different procedural noise map(s) in Next to layer up the dirt. Adding variation really contributes to the realism.

Can you show me how to do that?

Very helpful…

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