Making shell a solid

How do I make this simple constuction solid? And ready for 3Dprinting?
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Poul M Andersenwilga motor front5.skp (203.0 KB)

It’s not obvious from the model what part of it is supposed to be solid, or what the solid is supposed to look like.

What are all those lines? And overlaps?

A solid should be a single, watertight shell or skin with no gaps and no stray geometry inside or out. Your model is presently far from that condition.

Please provide more description about the desired end-state of this object.


I’m assuming you want the overall fan to be solid. First you’ll have to get rid of all the extra lines floating around (did you import it from another file type?) Then you will need to merge all your geometry and clean up any overlapping geometry or hidden within the overall component.

I didn’t do it all for you (because you have a bunch of holes that needs to be filled that I didn’t feel like doing at the moment), but I cleaned up some of the other stuff that I assumed you didn’t need, so it’s a start for you.

wilga motor front5-2.skp (314.2 KB)

You can try to model one wing with a 20° segment of your ventilator and use this part to complete the solid structure…

wilga motor (193.7 KB)

Thank you Quanj and Cotty
I made one blade in sketchup as a component and then inserted this in a new drawing. And made “rotate with copy” until I got the fuld wheel. Thats why all the lines are in the drawing.


Your blade component should be nice and clean (e.g. solid) before you rotate copy it … (you can have a look at my file for an example).