Is it possible to make an organic shape solid? File attached

Hi - I’m new to Sketchup - I’ve recently started studying architecture. Can anyone tell me how I make the Building Component in this file solid? I’ve used Thomthom’s plugin solid inspector and it says “all shiny” and I’ve used used his clean up plugin to clean it up - but still no cigar. Am I missing something?
I want to make it solid so because I want to punch a circular hole in the wall along the red plane - as you can see I’ve set up a cylinder ready to go - if I can’t make the building solid, is there another way to punch a circular hole through the wall?
BAS110 Model.skp (95.2 KB)

Hello. Your problem is this area.

Solid Inspector is ‘theoretically’ right, your model is solid. But that part in your model ends abruptly with a sharp angle. You have to modify that part to maybe something like this, to close the 3D shape properly.

Best of luck!

Thanks so much - that’s awesome - I didn’t expect anyone to post so quickly :slight_smile:

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