Making object on a surface solid

Hello all,
I don’t quite know how to explain this. If I make Layer 0 invisible in the attached model thenI’m left with two objects without a back on them. It’s probably very easy and straight forward but how do I make them solid? They were drawn on the curved surface using Fredo’s Tools on Surface and pulled using his Joint Push Pull.

test.skp (186.1 KB)

This sounds like a case for learning how to correctly use layers (tags since 2020). ALL edges and faces should remain with Layer 0 (Untagged) assigned to them. Layer 0 (Untagged) should always be kept active. Only assign layers (tags) to groups and components.

From looking at your model it appears you are expecting layers to provide separation between geometry. They don’t If you remove the top face of your cylinder you will see that the shapes you’ve drawn on the side don’t have and backs.

If you want them to be objects in their own right, you should first make the cylinder a group and then outside of the group, draw the shapes and extrude them. And with Joint Push/Pull make sure you choose the setting to thicken the extrusion.

Here I’ve made a group for the cylinder. Then added the shapes on the outside of the cylinder and made each one of those a group. The grouping is what keeps them separated from each other.

I’ve also created layers(tags), one for the cylinder and another for the applied shapes. With the one for the cylinder turned off, you can see that the shapes have backs.

Thanks for that. I’ve now deleted the objects and made the cylinder into a group but I can’t get either the lines or circle to draw on the face of the cylinder. The verticle lines draw OK but the horizontal line, angled line and circle produce geometry that’s all over the place and I can’t work out why they just don’t seem to want to wrap around the cylinder.

One option would be to copy the side of the cylinder out of the group and draw on it instead.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve done it !!!

I’ve been playing with this for three days on and off. I guess I’ve got lot’s to learn. My problem is I get these ideas and because I don’t do this often enough, it’s only home use, I try to run before I can walk.

Thanks again.

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