Hidden layers


I got a question about hidden layers. If i hide a layer, it still is ‘‘shown’’ when i make a face from a object, cutting the face…
Is there a way to really turn off layers?

You can hide layers and you don’t see what is on them. and you can’t select what is on them. However if there is raw geometry faces and edges on a hidden layer you could inadvertently affect them. Here I’ve hidden a layer to which I’ve assigned some raw geometry (not in a group or component) and drawing in that area I’ve somehow intersected and could possibly change those hidden objects.

Just draw with Layer0 always the active layer. You may assign groups and components to other layers and you’ll be OK. Yes in a way that hidden layer is always there, but since you cannot select the group or component on a hidden layer you’ll have no effect on it.

Can you show examples of what you refer to? I only know that, say if I draw a face and place it on a hidden layer, then draw in that area, I’ll have odd results and eventually end up hating it.

Exactly what i mean. So its kinda annoying and not really a trick to change but to put other objects in groups or components.

SketchUp “layers” (now called tags) habe never been layers. They don’t isolate objects. Wrap the geometry in groups and components, and assign “layers”/tags to those, and it works like in other programs.

haha, to much autocad, tags indeed :slight_smile:

Thx for the advice.