Making faces between different sections

Hello to all,
I have these sections from a road to be constructed and I need to connect consecutive lines in order to show a road, terrain and other objects. sections.skp (2.7 MB)

For example I have these sections:

and I need to draw these lines between sections:

to have a 3D profile at the end. I tried s4u make face and Eneroth face creator extensions but I cannot create faces to make it seem like the real terrain and road. How can I achieve this please?

With Fredo6 Curviloft plugin


I might be inclined to draw a line, say at the crown of the road, along its length, then create a cross section and use the line and Follow Me.

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Thankssss @mihai.s. You are my Sketchup master :hugs:

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Maybe even a Zen master in these matters!


Is there a way also to perform this on several edges at the same time?
I want to connect the guardrails in this file as well, they have many edges.
I tried Follow me/joint pushpull does not work on the curves. Thanks

First, thank you both! :wink:

For guardrails, you must first redraw the simplified profile. Then use one of the edges of the road and with the Eneroth Upright Extrude plugin create your railing all the way.

To create the railing posts, create it as a component and then use that border of the road again and with the help of the Copy Along Curve plugin, distribute it over the entire distance.

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Thanks. It is the right way to do. But look at round section 10 of the road, the guardrail does not follow the curve. How can I solve it?sections.skp (7.1 MB)

sections-SU2017.skp (8.1 MB)

Use Groups and Layers to make your work easier.

Section up to 10 consisted of lose edges, and then the next section was a group containing edges. Make sure all edges are grouped in the same context. Combine all the lose edges in a single spline/path. Put this spline/path and profile into a group, and only then create your railing.