Making face of terrain

How to make face of this but to stay terrain with this leveling? This is not flatten road.

nivel.skp (228.4 KB)

It will help you if you first learn the basic things in SketchUp, in this case, using the Line tool for stitching. And then, after you’ve learned, you could use a plugin instead for a faster solution, like Fredo Curviloft.

It is not necessary to explode the curves, it was only demonstrative so that you can easily see the vertices that I join with lines to create surfaces.

Basics of SketchUp at

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Same technique for terrain or you can use the Soap, Skin and Bubble plugin

Thank you mihai!

How can I see this black end of lines to see where to stitch??
Your 1st video.

Style setting - check Endpoints with a size of say 6

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I cant make face of the rest…and i dont have fredo.My trial expired.
I need face inside and on road aswell…

nivel1.skp (231.5 KB)

You must create triangles, or using the quad face tools pencil you can just stitch creating quads and it will automatically create the triangles of non coplanar edges. Of course it will be a lot faster using curviloft, I recommend you to get the license of it and all the plug-ins from fredo if you can, they’re extremely useful and time saving tools. I’m not sure if the fredo bundle with 8 of his plug-ins is still available, it has curviloft, joint push pull, round corner, thrupaint, fredo tools, fredo scale visuhole and fredo portrait, I’m not sure about the last one, I have all his plug-ins and I don’t remember which ones were the included in the bundle. Anyways you get 8 great plug-ins for $40.

And how to do with curviloft? Could you show me video?

If you had followed and learned the basics of SketchUp from you would have discovered that you can create road and terrain surfaces either with the Line tool (by stiching) or with a native extension - Sandbox > From Contours.