Make a solid from 2 different lines.(Sweep)


I want to make a solid modell of two different lines. I know how to make in autocad, but in Sketchup I dont know…

I add a link that the quest is asked in a other forum.

Since SketchUp is a surface modeler you would need to use faces, not edges.

For the one on the right you can use Follow Me around a square. For the one on the left you’ll need to use a different method. The easiest might be with an extension like Fredo6’s Curviloft.

Hello tnkx for help.

Curviloft is not avaible for sketchup 2021?

The one on the left can also be made by drawing it flat first and then with the move tool with autofold enabled, and regenerating the bottom face.
The second one, if it doesn’t need wall thickness, can be made by push-pulling a rectangle and scaling the top surface. With wall thickness: Rectangle, offset, erase mid face, push-pull, use move tool on top edges.

Yes it is.

What makes you think that? It’s available here. Make sure you also install the required LibFredo6 as well.

Done with Curviloft in SU2021:

Second one done with Follow Me.

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See this SU file.

Square to circle transition.skp (120.0 KB)

See this one for the other one.

Large square to small square transition.skp (86.3 KB)

Tnx for all help.

Now I innstaled curviloft and I make that i want to! :slight_smile:

in the sketuation its written: Compatibility: Pre-8, v2013, v2014, v2015, v2016, v2017, v2018, v2019, v2020

It still works in SU2021. The Compatibility list just needs updating.

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