How to connect odd cross-section profiles

I want to make a 3D model of a structure in which the owner only gave us cross sections and an artist rendering. I’ve asked for the rendering, but to no avail. I’m now going to create my own rendering so that I can calculate surface areas and volumes of concrete. Without spending hours drawing curves and lines to try to get it just right, is there a way to combine these cross sections so that they look similar to the finished product below?


Cantilever Structure.skp (88.6 KB)

Make sure all of the faces are oriented the same way [or better, delete the faces and midpoint vertical line]
Then use Fredo’s CurviLoft [remember to also get his supporting Lib].

Select the profiles and run the tool to make the surface…

This quick and dirty example smooths all of the surface’s edges, so you might want to select and process it in a few separate parts to retain some of those sharp corners after a little ‘unsmoothing’ - e.g. for the ‘capping’ etc, and then join the results later ?