Adding cross section lines

I’m making a drawing in layout of a pretty complex small part. there’s several cross sectional views necessary to ass in my part. I know how to get the cross sectional view in Sketchup, insert it into layout, however I can’t seem to make diagonal lines appear on the area where the cross section cut is made in the drawing. These parts are all uploaded using the STP/SLD converter-plug in. Any help on how to add the cross section lines? I’ve been drawing them in physically and it takes forever and doesn’t even look very good.

I’m not sure what that means. I’ve never had to do that to my part.

Are you referring to hatching? You could do that in a couple of ways, Use TIG’s Add Section Cut Face in SketchUp and apply a hatch texture to it. Or you could create a group from slice in SU, show that group in a separate scene which you stack on top of the original viewport. Render the group from slice viewport as Vector and then explode it so it becomes LayOut geometry. You should then be able to turn on Fill and use a hatch fill set in Shape Style.

Here’s an example of some sections with hatching using Add Section Cut Face.

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I am referring to cross hatching. I will try using the make a group method. Since I am doing this to imported solidworks parts, they are all coming in rendered as surface splines, which are not solid and I cannot add a section cut face to

I’d be inclined to clean up the geometry first and make it a proper SketchUp model before I madeasection cut or tried to do anything else with it.

Good luck.

These are amazing examples of what can be done using section cut face.Thanks for showing them. Since you show multiple section cuts at once, and there can be only one active section cut per scene, it took a bit of thinking to figure out how you did this. My guess is stacked viewports with clipping masks. Below a couple of my attempts. Seems like the biggest challenge is making the clipping mask path precise, espcially if there is complex geometry to mask off.
My smaller hatching pattern has some tiling- will need to work on that.

No. A scene can have many active section cuts. But a model can have only one active cut per context. The trick is to group the section cut with the part you want to cut before adding a second cut et cetera.

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a model can have only one active cut per context . The trick is to group the section cut with the part you want to cut before adding a second cut et cetera

Anssi, thanks for clarifying. I understand about the context of the section cuts and was looking for a way to use multiple cuts to achive what is shown. But for the examples its a single component getting the multiple section cuts so the stacked viewports and clipping was how I was able to make it work.