Any way to select lines from a scene

Below is a pic of a cross section cut scene i made in skethcup, and imported into layout. Is there any way to select the lines of the scene so i can add some hatchmarks to it? Or will i have to trace the lines and fill it myself? Or will i have to make a new scene and add the hatchmarks that way? i have added hatch marks many times in sketchup itself, just wondering if layout can do it

You can render the viewport as vector and then explode it. It will become LayOut drawing entities. You will likely need to cut some lines and glue others to enclose the shape to be able to add a pattern to it.

If I was going to do that I would first set the style for the viewport to Hidden Line and Background off so I have only black vector lines and no background. I would also copy the viewport putting the copy on a layer height in the stack. After exploding the viewport, I would erase any lines I don’t need.

On the other hand it might be easier to create a section cut face and apply a pattern texture to it in SU and then skip exploding viewports and stuff. Or I might just trace the model in the viewport with the drawing tools in LO and add the pattern fill. Of course that would also be done on a layer above the viewport.


A- Native section fill, B- TIG’s Add Section Face with a pattern material added, C- Group from slice, exploded, pattern fill added in Shape Style.

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Ok, ill just make a new scene in su and add the hatch marks via the extension or the manual way.

Thanks for the examples. That helped explain alot. It seems that most work needs to be done in su and all lo is doing is organizing the “screenshots” of su. Not dissing lo at all, its a great program and makes things alot easier. Just knowing which items need to be done where is important

It really depends on what you need to do. I only used one scene for all three of those examples.

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is the extension section cut face? or a different plugin of his?

SectionCutFace | SketchUcation


That’s it.

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that extension only gives me colors to use, no pattern or hatch options when i right click and “add section face”

wait… does the extension add a new faceto it that i can change the material of?

That extension creates a face that you can then apply a texture to. If the material/texture is already in the model you can select it in the drop down list. If it isn’t, when you make the settings in the UI, set the material to Default. St Lock to No. After the face is created, open the group for editing and apply whatever texture you wish to it.

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That’s what it says on the tin.

ok, i got it. i saw the new face group, but it was in red. Did not know you could lock groups or components. that may come in handy with larger models soon. this is a handy extension.