How to apply a profile to an elevated and curved surface with different width

Hi everyone. I am currently trying to model a bicycle bridge. But the problem is that i want to apply a profile to the curved surcafes and the road widths are changing in some places.(I put an example in the screenshot. From +1 to +3 the profile should fill the area on that curved face) Tried “follow me” and succeded only in same road widths but couldnt find a way to connect other road sectors. I am trying to find an easy way to connect two different faces on different elevations. Any opinion will be appreciated!!

bicycle highway.skp (1.8 MB)

The follow me tool can only extrude a profile along a single line, the road you want the profile to follow has different width and its not symmetric, it can be done with other tools. I did it with Curviloft creating different profiles that fit the width of the road.

bicycle highway.skp (1.1 MB)

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With Upright Extruder and Vertex Tools. Curviloft to create/bridge the other surfaces below.

With Upright Extruder and Curviloft

Thank you for the reply. Did not think to put profile 1 by 1 on the surface connections and use curviloft! Thank you again. Much appreciated!!!

Thank you for the reply!! These plugins that i did not know gives control over the drawing. Seriously i need to study more about plugins. I will download and start! Thank you so much again.