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Attached is a Sketchup File, extracted from a larger model.

It shows a Profile and a Path. I have been trying to get the profile to follow the path, AND stay upright. I realise that this involves twisting around corner etc. and I can not seem to find a way.

I have tried Profile Builder and Upright Extruder, and also Curviloft.

For the Main model, I changed the profile to a circle, as the profile did not matter for what I needed.

So, out of curiosity, it there a way to extrude the profile along this path, AND maintain it as upright?

Just had a thought while typing this. Maybe using Curviloft, and dividing the path back into its separate sections, with a profile at the end of each one?

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Upright Extrude Help.skp (27.2 KB)

I would minimise the issue by running a second profile from the top down [follow me]…

in reality, all that is shown can be cut from stock and the final [missing] turn would be a ‘custom’ carving…

do the same in your model [Curviloft should do that]…


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Must admit, I didn’t think about starting from the other end. Guess I was trying to overcome that awkward corner at the bottom, and didn’t get any further.

I tried using Curviloft for that corner, and it worked perfectly, so problem solved.

Thankyou @john_drivenupthewall