Making a rounded rim following a twisted path

I’m trying to put a half-round edge on the surface of the attached. The resulting Follow me I attempt along the edge (be it the upper or lower one) does not stay on that edge and I cannot understand why. The distance between the two edges appears to be equal throughout and the profile is perpendicular to the beginning of the edge. Whichever edge I use and whichever profile I use, the result is the same to varying degrees.

I’d be grateful for any help and advice.



BICC major collar 28 Oct temp experiment.skp (11.5 MB)

You could try Fredo Curviloft or Tig Extrude Tools. And on a larger scale, at least 10x.

Another option would be Upright Extruder or Fredo6’s Fredo Corner or Round Corner.

I would suggest you scale you model up to work with inches as meters. That will let you work with smoother curves.

I thought the same, so I tried but couldn’t get it to work…

I was able to do it but I had to leave the house and didn’t have time to post it. I will when I get home.

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Thank you all for your very swift replies.

I have tried running Curviloft along the edges and end up with a very lumpy result: I don’t quite know why (as ever).

Kind regards.

BICC major collar 28 Oct lumpy Curviloft.skp (295.7 KB)

John McC and I tried Upright Extruder last night and also couldn’t get it to work.

Clean (quad) topology

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And we worked out why it shouldn’t work - the profile semicircle has to follow the curve round, not stay in the same vertical orientation.

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I got exactly the same result!

I changed the axis in the extension interface to X=0, Y=1, Z=0.

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