Making a photo from 2d to 3d

I want to make a photo with 2 faces to 3d.
So my end product will be a coin with a face on it.

How can i start?

start here.

Ok I know but it is basic skills.
What i need know is do i make a heightmap of is there another solution?

How about posting an image of what your wanting to model ? Knowing the final use of the model would also be helpful. Help us help you.

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This is the photo: bitmap

and this has to be the result:

So i have to create the coin print it in 3d. After the 3d print i’ll make a mold for chocolate.

Short answer is you need to make a greyscale image in a photo editing software and save it as a .bmp file ( bitmap ). You could then use the
ThomThom plug-in “Bitmap to Mesh” to create the 3D mesh from the image.

here you go:

• ZIP archive w/ BMP: (247.8 KB)
• Extension Warehouse: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Thx, Which program did you use for the black foto?

under Windows you can use e.g. the free Paint.NET, the free XnView viewer can do this too.