Making a Cutlist for Pipe

I am looking for a way to make a cutlist for components that are made from 15 gauge pipe. All the tools I find to make cutlists are for woodworking is there anything else out there? Or a way to use Generate report?

You could use the CutList extension and just delete the unneeded columns from the CSV file.

You could also use Generate Report and format it for only the details you want.

An advantage of using the CutList extension is that the longest dimensions of the components will show in the Length column. If you want to use Report Generator, you will need to arrange the Component axes so the longest dimensions are on the same axis.

Thank you for your reply

Part of the problem I am running into with generate report is if I have pipe running in the x and y directions it is still trying to spit out some unwanted dimensions. I still have not been able to get a useful report for this type of thing yet.

That was my point about the Report Generator. You would need to align the axes of each pipe component with the same axis set to be the long one or your report would be screwy. But aligning the axes that way could make it more work to place the pipe sections. The CutList extension doesn’t care which component axis is aligned with the length of the pipe because it always takes the longest dimension of the bounding as the length or the component.

Ahh ok I will give that a try :slight_smile:

I Still have not found a satisfactory way of making a cutlist for pipe. :persevere:

add an example skp…



This is like something I would need a cut list for.

Actually, the CutList extension works as intended on this model. It analyzes the model down to the most deeply nested groups or components, which are 6 copies of the same group, and reports them as such:

Or if you choose to report by sub-assembly:

Alternatively, if you give meaningful names to your groups and components, you can make more sense of the output:

Of course, having been designed with furniture in mind, it reports the objects’ bounding box dimensions as if they are boards.

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I must apologise for my hasty first reply saying that groups do not work, I’ve never used groups for a cutlist and should have done a little quick homework. Groups DO work. :grimacing:
However, I did a little switching with the file and made two components one vertical and one horizontal and copied them, to show maybe the benefit of using components. It does produce a simpler list.

This is the webpage output, using compact settings:

I also did a csv output, again with compact settings, but simplified it in excel and added a total length sum:


This is great guys thank you for the help.:grinning::grin:

Why didn’t it work for you before when I suggested it?

I ran the wrong report type I think.

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