Make Unique Tool

Does Sketchup Make 2017 have the “make unique” tool? I am not finding it, and a 9 year old YouTube instructions video shows it in mouse button menu.

Yes. Make Unique will be found in the right click Context menu if you click on a component that has other instances in the model. If there’s only one instance of the component or you are right clicking on something that isn’t a component, Make Unique won’t be an option.

Does the object need to be made a group in order to be a component? Is it only not unique when it is copied from something else?

It has to be a component and there must be more than one of them in the model. Otherwise there’s nothing to make unique.

This sounds like you don’t understand the difference between groups and components. Some reading up on the concepts at the learning center might help.

Ok, I read this. Interesting. I was working with an object that I copied and played with cross-sections and was finding that deleting half of one object was deleting the same half of the other copy. The object must of been a component without me knowing somehow. I will check for “make unique” tool next time I mess with that.

If you modeled it you would have had to have made it a component for that to happen. One of the things about components is that the edits you make to one edit the other instances in the model. If you want to change one or some without changing the others, you need to break that relationship with Make Unique.

No, this was an imported object. I didn’t design it.

If you’re importing work by others it would be a good idea to take a few moments to investigate what you’re getting before you dive in to make changes.