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Hi all,
I have a model in Sketchup and i did a layout with Dim , i named it was PAGE1.
i dupplicate PAGE1, and rename it into PAGE2.
So how i can make PAGE2 unique with the PAGE1, I 'd like to stretch the length the model in PAGE2 but NO changes to Model and layout in PAGE1. ??

You misunderstand how LayOut and SketchUp work together. LayOut only shows the views of the SketchUp Model. You can’t change the model in LayOut. The viewports in LayOut should be tied to scenes in the SketchUp file.

To do what you want, you’ll need a second model that you’ve resized in SketchUp with its own scene. You can make a copy of the model in SketchUp and move it off to one side out of the way or use layers to control what you want to show… Modify that copy as needed. Then create another scene that shows the modifiied version.

After you create your first page in LayOut you can duplicate the page and then change the scene selected for the viewport to show the second version of the model. You’ll need to redo the dimensions on that page of course.

Here’s a quickie example.

Two scenes in SketchUp.

The first shows one version of the model. I used layers along with the scenes.

Second scene shows another version.

In LayOut.

First page shows the first scene in SketchUp.

Second page duplicated from first and the scene changed to the other scene in the SketchUp file.

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