Make the Ctrl button a toggle for scrubby zoom

I have recently been experimenting with modeling in SketchUp using a drawing pen display (with an actual monitor) and came up with an idea of a potential improvement that I’d like to leave here for the developers’ consideration. I own a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 but this topic applies to any tablet that comes with a pen, eg Wacom’s Cintiq lines.

The most important aspect is to correctly map the navigation commands. The pen buttons are mapped as follows:

Ok, so this enables you to use Orbit with Middle Click and Pan with Shift+Middle Click. All good until you realise that zooming is a total inconvenience because the pen lacks a wheel. Your best bet is to press Z > zoom in/out > go back to your previous tool.

My suggestion for a future update
Since the navigation commands in SketchUp are “toggles” (eg if you press and hold MM to Orbit, after you’re done orbiting, it doesn’t stay on the Orbit command but reverts back to your previous tool), turn the Ctrl modifier into a temporary zoom toggle similar to the Shift key.

We use Shift+MM to pan. Let us use Ctrl+LM_drag to be able to zoom in/out. This will solve the problem that prevents fluid pen display modeling in SketchUp.

What do you guys think? Any thoughts?

Could you do this with AutoHotKey…?

ctrl would be an issue if you wanted to zoom while using the move tool.
Perhaps alt (although that would invoke autofold when using the move tool) or caps lock would be a better or just the ability to set a key of your choice.


In that case use the Z button as the toggle instead if Ctrl. That button is one of the most passive ones as the majority use the mouse wheel to zoom.

But z swaps you to the zoom tool rather than toggles to it.

You’re right @Box. But that button isn’t used often, don’t you think? So it can potentially be tweaked to be a toggle.

You may not use it, but others do and it is standard function from way back. I’m pretty sure changing it would cause an uproar.

Found this thread by accident, but I like your vision of being able to zoom via cursor movement.

Actually, I get both orbit and pan out of my pen’s (Gaomon PD1161) dedicated middle wheel button without using Shift+. Orbit if the pen is hovering, and pan when the pen is touching the display, which behaves like mouse middle button + left click hold in Sketchup, another shortcut for pan which is impossible to use on a mouse without two fingers.

Given that pen users can pan without shift+, maybe the app prefs could allow users to customize what shift+ toggles. Meanwhile, switching to the zoom “tool” via hotkey (e.g. “Z”) grants zoom-by-cursor capability, but without toggle-status.

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Zoom was annoying, then I got a spacemouse. Navigating independent of the stylus is a much better option.

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