Make selector tool work properly

Selecting the tools with the selector cursor often misses the selection and you have to go back and click the tool again. Does anyone else have this problem? I have large icons enabled in my tool bar but often I click on the tool that I need and start drawing only to find it did not select and I would have to click on the tool again. Please fix this or have it such that we can have the tool icons bigger or more sensitive or have the option to have the icons bigger , Its very frustrating and I am surprise that other people have not mentioned this before. We have tried adjusting the mouse sensitivity but to no avail. I do have a 2560 x 1440 screen resolution on my Dell XPS all in one. but I remember having this issue on my other computers. I would guess other have this issue but just put up with it. So perhaps have an option for bigger Icons to click on please. I know keyboard shortcuts are a solution but I would rather use my mouse.
This is the type of work I do Walk in wardrobes

Is there any chance that you maybe moving the mouse after click down, before release (click up), and in so doing dragging?

mouse down and drag will not select the tool, which is normal for all the software I have used

It’s possible you need an extra-high-resolution mouse to go along with your Quad HD display to hit the smaller targets more consistently. Gaming mice have twice the resolution or more of conventional mice. Just a thought.