Selecting the tools often misses the selection

Selecting the tools often misses the selection and you have to go back and click the tool again. Does anyone else have this problem? I have large icons enabled in my tool bar but often I click on the tool that I need and start drawing only to find it did not select and I would have to click on the tool again. Please fix this or have it such that we can have the tool icons bigger or more sensitive or have the option to have the icons bigger , Its very frustrating and I am surprise that other people have not mentioned this before.

Try using hot-keys, quicker for modelling. I rarely click the selection tool, I just tap Spacebar to get the tool. And if I miss tapping my spacebar, then I need a bigger keyboard.

you may be click & dragging,
quantj advice is best though, give that other hand something to do and decrease repetitive injury

Here’s a handy guide to the default keyboard shortcuts … Quick Reference Card

Thanks guys. That is a good solution but if I only have one hand it is not much good. Trimble should sort it out really. LOL i design walk in wardrobes and I want to design faster

To model faster, I think most of us use both hands. All softwares have hotkeys and it’s always faster to tap a key than click a small icon.

Unfortunately if you only have one hand, and the icon isn’t getting selected, than it’s an issue. Is it only the selection tool icon that’s not getting active when being clicked on?

And on the issue of modelling faster with just one hand, perhaps you can invest in a mouse with multi buttons. Than you can program your favourite tools like selection tool, and I’d add push/pull, rectangle and tape measure.

do you have 1 hand or 2?
the solutions are different depending on what you have but if “what if i only have one hand” is hypothetical, you’re not going to get the right type of help.