Make Printable .stl import into SU fail

I regularly - although reluctantly because of the poly count - import .stl files into SU. However every .stl I have downloaded from Make Printable has failed at import. The message is"Import Failed".
I suspect it maybe the ASCII / Binary type not being specified.
Anyone have this issue, or able to offer any solution?

How about uploading one of the STL files you are having problems with?

Thanks DaveR - here’s a link to the file:

Well, that one fails for me, too. I think I’d go to Make Printable and see if they can give you some guidance on what is wrong with their files.

I opened it in meshlab, which reported some issues. Saved it from there, and then it would import ok into SketchUp 2019. Here’s a zip of the 2018 save (2.1 MB)

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Contacting Make Printable is on my list Dave - thanks for having a go.
Steve: Meshmixer for reconstruction and Meshlab for poly reduction is my current work around. You experienced the same issue of loosing faces as I have - even though the model is manifold when exported from Make Printable. This takes me back to square one, where I need to repair it. I use Make Printable only when the repair is likely to take me more that a couple of hours (and it will be done by them in a few minutes). I am not that experienced in either Meshmixer or Meshlab, and so perhaps there are some variables that can be tweaked to avoid incurring the penalty of holes.