Make layer 0 inactive and hide it temporarily sketchup 2015

I am aware this should not be done in theory and you should always draw on the “Layer 0”, as it is best practice and the way Sketchup is built and meant to be used, but…

Is there a way to force/make layer 0 inactive and hide it temporarily in Sketchup 2015? If this can not be achieved from Sketchup itself, is there an extension that would allow for this temporarily?.

I have a need for it.

Thanks for your help.

Make another layer active and you can turn off Layer 0.

Just be careful not to create any new edges or faces while you have the layers set this way, as that will lead to problems!

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Thank you to @DaveR and @slbaumgartner :slight_smile:

Thanks, I just a had “a moment”, a blank moment… Duh !!!..

…for those who might read this post, and need assistance :

To hide geometry on “Layer 0” use those 2 steps :
A) make another layer than “Layer 0” Active --> use the radio button/check mark on the left of any other layer (create one if necessary) and check it

B) then you can hide “Layer 0” --> by checking the radio button/check mark on its right.

==> do not forget to switch back to making “Layer 0” active/reverse those steps, as draying in this mode might create issues with your model.

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