Layers behavior in SketchUp 2019

Is there a way to stop or control the moving of layers when you turn them on and off? Prior to this release they stayed in place when you turned them on or off, now they drop to the bottom of the list when you turn them off.

This is annoying when I want to toggle a layers on and off to see what on them or to quickly pick something on that layer for instance. Now I have to scroll to the list and turn it back on, if you have a long list. This is time consuming.

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You clicked on the header for the visibility column which tells SketchUp you want to sort the layers first by visibility. Click on the Name header so the arrow shows there instead.

Also, your screenshots indicate you aren’t leaving Layer 0 as the active layer which is the cardinal rule for Layer usage in SketchUp.


In all my years using this program I’ve never had to set that, thanks for that.

Not sure what you mean “Also, your screenshots indicate you aren’t leaving Layer 0 as the active layer”

We are importing components from our standard library of parts and we change the active layer as we work to control which layer they go on so we can control the visibility when we create our scene for layout.
The only things we create are 2D floor plans and 3D wall, which can be created on the 0 Layer, then we use a Plug in called “Make Name Group” from Thomthon to group them and put it on the correct layer.

By default the layer name is normally the primary sort criteria. You probably clicked on the column header for visibility inadvertently.

The pencil icon shows the active layer. In previous versions it was a radio button to the left of the layer name where the visibility eye icons are now.


I couldn’t tell from your screen shots that you are doing anything other than modeling in the SketchUp file. The fundamental rule for layers in SketchUp is that all edges and faces should be created on Layer 0 and remain on Layer 0. If you are importing components you can import them to other layers but you want to make sure that before doing any modeling including revising the geometry within the imported components that you set Layer 0 as active again. Not doing so can result in a short trip to frustration.

Yes, for creating any objects or components in our files I work from the “0” layer to create them. For importing in to a job file we put them on the layers they need to be on to control there visibly in our scenes.

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