Make clipping mask on a dwg?



I’m just trying to apply a clipping mask to a dwg file inserted directly into Layout. I can’t seem to do it. Is it possible?



At this time, no. Clippingmasks can only be applied to images and inserted SketchUp models.
The DWG importer in LO converts the line work into LO geometry… which can not be clipped via the clipping mask feature

A workaround would be to import the dwg into SketchUp first and then bring the SU model into LO



Thanks… As I feared :frowning:

I need to edit and rescale multiple dwg files and would be interested in being able to edit an imported dwg file in Layout and then clip it and make it look nice.

Thanks for your answer!


You might want to share your dwg and give us an example of what you are trying to do. No promises but the community might be able to provide some creative solutions.



Thank you for the suggestion. However, since some of the dwg files need a lot of cleaning up and Sketchup has preserved the layers in the file (and I presume Layout cannot), it’s actually more beneficial to use Sketchup. I will then be able to import the saved sketchup file into Layout when it’s cleaned up.



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