Save clipping mask image as a .DWG

Is it possible to save a clipping mask image as a .dwg?

Do you mean just the mask or the clipped viewport?

What version of SketchUp/LayOut? Please complete your profile.

FWIW, it is possible to export a clipped viewport in a CAD format but what you see when the file is opened depends on the CAD program. I set this up in LayOut. The same clipped viewport in three place. On the left the border is created by turning on stroke. In the center I have Stroke turned off but I copied the circle I drew for the clipping mask and pasted it separate. I shifted it off center so you can see there’s a separate circle. On the right is the clipped viewport with the circle in place.

Exported as a DWG and opened in one CAD application. Clipping is present but the stroke on the left viewport doesn’t show.

Same file opened in another CAD application and clipping isn’t displayed at all.

The “another CAD application” Dave refers to doesn’t seem to support Paper space properly.
You can also try using the “Export to SketchUp” option to create a model space drawing of what is visible on your LayOut page. Haven’t tried it with clipping masks, though.

FWIW I did have that option selected for the example I showed.

Dave –

Just the clipped viewport. Using SketchUp Pro 2020. Goal is to clip and save as a .DWG a portion of the model image for used as a 2D interior elevation in a CAD drawing set.



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As I showed, you can export a clipped viewport as a .dwg but how it renders in the CAD application seems to vary. You’ll need to test it.

Might be best if you don’t want to export the rest of the page content to copy the clipped viewport to a new LO project so it’s the only thing on the page.