Clipping mask limitations




Can we clip a grouped combination of a Sketchup model and layout geometry?

Disappointing if not. Most of my Layout work involves making illustrations and plans at different paper sizes, for garden and house designs, which means importing plans from Sketchup, dwgs and images and adding layout geometry to this to be able to present it nicely by clipping combinations of them them as groups.

The massive advantage of Layout for this is that the drawing can be kept to scale but unfortunately l if I can’t do this (for example with a Sketchup model grouped with Layout geometry overlayed) using clipping masks to clip different sections of a plan onto different pages, that’s a severe limitation. I can’t help think that if the clipping mask coding could allow for it to be some sort of embedded window which clips a group of ANY pixels, then it could be solved. but at present … sad face. :(:cry:


At this time clipping masks only work with SketchUp geometry but especially since we now have Scaled Drawing, I think it would be very useful to apply clipping masks to that and have it work on a group as you suggest. It’s not terribly difficult to work around the limitation but it would be a nice feature to have.


What’s your work around? Within Layout, or using another program? (I’m going to do it in another program for now)


I just use the Split tool to split the lines I’ve drawn in LayOut at the edge of the clipping mask and erase the unneeded parts. I use the same method when I want to make dashed lines appear to pass through parts of the model.