Clipping mask in SketchUp?

I have a panel that I need to cut to different pieces (with diagonal lines) and place in several locations in my model. So I thought of creating a component, and placing it, clipping the parts I need in a few locations. Is there a method of doing that?

Any chance you can show us what you are trying to do? Either a reference picture or your model, thus far?

One way to get separate groups (shortcut for group creation used)…


Sorry for the late reply, I don’t get notifications…

I can’t show a reference, since I can’t get it to work… But basically think of the movie that @Cotty did. At the end, he moves all the pieces to separate locations. Now imagine I want to change angles. One way is to go to each and change, but what I want is for me to have a single component where I draw the shapes and then can change, and be able to copy the component to separate locations such that in each only one of those shapes is visible.