Maintaining scale in Layout



From my second reply in this thread:

Since you aren’t getting the scaled drawing group opened, it makes sense that it would be deselected when you choose a drawing tool.


From what you describe about your workflow, I’m thinking that you could make some improvements that would help you a great deal. I’d be interested in seeing one of your typical LO projects.


That sounds fascinating. I’d love to see an actual example.

Even so, I think I would just do a 2D version on the same drawing and create a dedicated parallel projection scene for it, then export it to LO. But experimentation is always good as you often learn new things, even if they were not the things you set out to learn!


I wanted to provide some clarity to this statement. Dave is correct with his statement, but it is important to know that you can add a scale to any existing group.

To do this, rt. click on a group, select Scale then select the scale you want to assign or define from the Scaled Drawing inspector.

Once this is done, Double click on the Group to enter the group, then anything you draw at that point will be based on the assigned scale.


I’m an idiot. It is so long since I used LayOut I had forgotten the double click.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Here is the first floor of the house. Don’t look too closely behind the skin: you will find all sorts of horrors.

I modelled the three floors, and the site, separately. Then stuck them together to get sections and plans to send to Layout. Sadly the entire thing is too big to download on this website.
35A GF v34b 040517.skp (1.2 MB)



As you say, there are a number of “issues”! The most obvious one is that you have all your groups and components on Layer 0 together with raw geometry. Also, some of your scenes do not seem to have views locked, so that when you go from one to another, nothing seems to change.

I have added in a 2D drawing of your kitchen units and made it a group that is visible in a new scene but not the one before it. You can then simply select that scene in LO, re-orient it, and job’s a good 'un (as they say in my part of the world).

I didn’t notice an example of your non-buildable tweaks. That was what I was interested in seeing. Were there any?

35A GF v34b 040517.skp (1.2 MB)


By the by, is there away to adjust the Drawing to Scale feature so that you are not working in 64ths of an inch when 1/4" would suffice?


File>Document Setup>Units.


Well, tried that. The Measurement Box still reads out in 64ths which is hard to deal with and unnecessarily accurate for my purposes. Would snap to grid help simplify?


Sorry. I assumed you’d have grid snapping enabled. You can set the grid spacing so that you get your 1/4 in. or whatever unit snapping you want.


Thanks. That has its own limitations. No way to set minimum units in the Draw to Scale device?


What limitations?

No. You can see the available settings in the window.

I guess I don’t understand why you even need to do this. If you are using the Scaled Drawing tool, just enter the real world dimensions as you draw. If it’s just the dimensions being displayed with the Dimension tool that you want to the nearest 1/4 in., you need to make that setting in the Dimensions window.


Okay, should work, thanks.