Scaled Drawings Bug

Great new update but I have a issue if lets say draw a box in scale at say 1:200 and then add dimensions on that box at 1:200 then if I want to change that box scale say to 1:50 which converts fine but the dimensions don’t change as well and remain now unlinked to the box in their original scale, OK so I then go to the dimensions scale tool window and make the dimensions to match the scale but it doesn’t work as one would expect and still remain on the original size only with new dimensions…so this does not flow properly and I believe it to be a nuisance bug as you have to organise all your drawings first and make sure all the scales are right before you use the dimensions tool.

I’m not seeing this when I test it. I didn’t do anything to set the scale of the dimensions. I just placed them around the drawing. Most are in the group although I placed a couple outside the group to see if that makes any difference. Other than the position of the dimension line and text. Is it possible your dimensions aren’t connected to the scaled drawing?

Thanks Dave but I notice you are on PC I am on a Mac so this maybe a Mac bug as my doesnt do what yours is doing, here check this out:

no problem here, do you have set Dimension to Autoscale?

I just fired up my MacBook Pro and tried the same thing. It works fine for me. As Mike points out, you do need to have Dimensions set to Autoscale which you can see in my GIF above.

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Yooo Dave you’re the man that did the trick! trouble any new release they don’t have readil;y hoe to use it?

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