Maintaining functionality of a Sketchup Pro 2020 Lifetime licence?

Hiya, I believe I bought a 2020 Pro lifetime licence. I have not upgraded version. I now find that while I can still download models from 3d Warehouse, I can’t open them as they seem to have been up-versioned. What are my least-cost options to restore use of 3d Warehouse? And/or: to what version can I upgrade my lifetime-licensed installation of 2020 without losing functionality or paying more? (Or: what functionality will I gain or lose at what extra cost?) Thanks!

Forum search…

Thanks mihai.s, downloading and installing ene_open_newer_version_v1.0.8.rbz has worked for me in this instance. Thanks for helping me refine what I might be looking for :slight_smile:

Although you never used it, you do have a 2021 license. I will send you a message with the details.

2021 can open any later version. Of course, if the later file relies on features that are only present in later versions, you won’t get those features. Snaps is one example. The geometry should come across ok.