macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 update / Sketchup 2024 instant crash

I updated my IOS to Sonona 14.4.1 version about 2 weeks ago. Since then, my SKP 2022 was crashing all the time. Following the online advise I upgraded my SKP to the 2024 version. But it is still crashing. I tried to follow the advise I found on SKP web site and cleared all the old versions I still had on my computer (SKP 2021 & SKP 2022) including cleaning the library. I reinstalled SKP 2024 twice. But still when I work on a file (even a very light one) it is crashing.

What can I do ? Is ether any other users in the same situation ?

Many thx for your kind response and advice.



well, first, sonoma 14.5 is out
also, there has been a sketchup update last week, so trying a combo of both could help.

Second, do you get bugsplat after crashes ? when does it crash, straight on launch, after a few minutes, when you open the material panel ?

Hello !

Yes indeed I put a lot of hope into Sonoma 14.5
I will have to try in the coming days (I need to save on Time Machine before… Long long time I did not).

Then to answer your question. It crashed sometimes 5 min after or sometimes later. I try to find out if it links to certain tools I use. So far, I have the impression, it crashed when I move into the 3D file very fast… Maybe using Orbit (O) / Move (M). But still need to observe.

Does the number of the crash help if I save them ? Crash #20696 ?

Thx a lot !

well it makes it easier for @colin to see what’s wrong :slight_smile:

OK let’s see then… Hope we will find out !!

I did already find that bugsplat, thanks for sending it in!

Your Mac only seems to have an Intel Iris™ Plus Graphics 655 GPU, and the new features in SketchUp 2024 may be too demanding for that GPU. You could go into Settings, Graphics, and try using the classic graphics engine for now, and see if the crashing stops.

The crashes that macOS 14.5 help were ones that showed up with Enscape, which I think you are not using. Still, having 14.5 for whatever else it fixes is worth it.

When you do see crashing, is it with particular files? If it is, can we try one of the files?

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Sorry me again !
It crashed again just after I used the space key on my keyboard.
The number of the crash is different.
Crash #20706 (vs Crash 20696 before) is it normal ?

OK I will try this. I just need to find out the words in French :slight_smile:

OK I will as well

How do I do that ? To send it I mean ?

Hi again @colin

So I managed to change the Graphic settings to " Classic"(was easy in the end :grin:)
I can try to continue working on my file and see if it is more stable with this change.
If not I could indeed send you my file.

Sounds OK for you ?:roll_eyes:

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Yes, sounds good. You can use an online service to send the file if it’s big. Dropbox, Google Drive,, etc.

OK well noted ! I keep you posted in the coming hours !!


Me again🙈 ! It crashed again… Crash #20749

I will try to send you my file - should be attached in my next message… or if I want to send by we transfer, how should I proceed ?


Plan projeté_V3.skp (3.0 MB)

When you change the graphics setting it doesn’t take effect until you start a new document or reopen an old one. The crash you sent is was still using macOS 14.4, and was still using the new graphics engine.

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OK so I should close and reopen my file first… I will do it right away.

For Mac OS I won’t be able to make the update to 15 before a few days as I was recommended to run Time machine first (and I need to buy an external hard drive first). :crazy_face:

this is a pretty clean (and empty) file, I think we can rule it out :wink:

you mean 14,5 :wink:

you’re right, better safe than sorry. although as Colin said, chances are the classic engine will help more than 14.5 :smiley:

haha yes meant 14.5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yes light and easy file (just the beginning phase) I think on a heavier real 3D with textures, furnitures ans so on, the crashes would have turned me totally crazy !!

Thanks again for your kind help @ateliernab & @colin

Hello @ateliernab & @colin !!
Just a short message to let you know that changing the graphic settings to “classic” solved the crashing problem ! I could work normally the last days !
A BIG THANK YOU to both of you !!!:hugs:

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Please correct your forum profile. Sonoma is a version of macOS, not of iOS. SketchUp Pro does not run on any version of iOS. Although Sonoma clarified this case, correct info in the profile helps us to help you by avoiding guesses and wild goose chases!

OK sorry ! I just did the modification :slight_smile:

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