MacOS Catalina (10.15) & SketchUp

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SketchUp Pro 2018 launches on Catalina but when I open a file or create a new one using a pre-built template it crashes just after a second. So it is not a matter of security settings I suppose.

It didn’t go well. 10.15.1 beta 1 has some serious issues, and I had to reinstall 10.15 beta 11.

The 10.15 release version is one build later than the beta 11, but the release notes are the same. I’m not planning on installing the GM version, I will soon be on to 10.15.1 (but probably not until beta 2).

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Nice, So I have no local solution to run any version of Sketchup Make just for my own personal projects that are not for sale.

So my only choice is to run via the cloud and waste all of that bandwidth. That sucks!

In addition the current free version is like learning a whole new program. Almost none of the commands look like the 2017 make. Did a quick look at the library and I couolndt even fine that. I’ll keep looking.

It’s lousy that Apple’s OS changes are breaking applications that people use. You could roll your OS back.


This is only tangentially related and doesn’t address getting SketchUp Make 2017 working on MacOS Catalina, but there isn’t a high bandwidth overhead with SketchUp for Web. It will download the app once and it’s then cached locally and performs most operations locally. While this doesn’t address ease of use or the fact that the web version will take some adjustments to get used to, at least you don’t need to worry that it’s eating your data.

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you can try installing with ‘Allow apps downloaded from > Anywhere’ and then go to Applications/Sketchup 2017 >> rightClick >> Open >> Open…

you can then turn security back to what it was…


Upgraded to Catalina to use Sidecar. Sketchup kills my laptop battery, when I close the laptop, Sketchup continues to draw 90% CPU and 60% memory resources.

That’s interesting. Are you viewing that on your iPad using sidecar?

Right, with Sidecar I can share or extend my screen from my 2018 MacBook Pro running Catalina.
My 3DConnexion Space Wizard doesn’t work, I’ll add. Space Wizard users are going ballistic that the drivers haven’t been updated yet.

Sounds like for some reason SketchUp is beating itself to death talking to the iPad via Sidecar. I don’t have a new enough iPad to try that, but it sure sounds like a glitch in either the Sidecar implementation (maybe involving Apple’s distaste for OpenGL) or in SketchUp!

My Space Navigator is working fine under Catalina so far (though I did need to reinstall the driver), but it is a simpler device than you are using. 3D Connexion has a very bad track record of not addressing issues on Mac in a timely manner or sometimes not at all. Years after it was first widely reported, I can still cause the runaway memory leak issue if I don’t take precautions when launching SketchUp.

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Sidecar is only supported for Macbook’s of 2016 and later, so you would need a new MBP, too!

:money_mouth_face: waiting to see what the rumored 16 inch MBP really is! :money_mouth_face:


I miss my 17" macBook Pro… [all three of them]



I agree… very sad that they decided to shrink their laptops!

The drain on the battery happens while Sketchup is open, with or without Sidecar connected iPad —FYI.
Also, the Trimble Connect extension issue seems to resurrected itself. I successfully rid my computer of it. But now I get a prompt to update the extension, but when I do it’s never successful. I’ve uninstalled. Deleted the extension from the hidden Library file. Disabled. Restart. But every time the Sketchup starts, it recreates the Trimble Connect extension folder in my Library.

Most recent version of Sketchup 2019. I manually check for Sketchup updates often.

My mistake, I have the Space Navigator as well. Will try reinstalling the driver.