Machine Parts Model Along, Plus Behind The Scenes Peek!

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to model some more machine parts in SketchUp!
Download the image below and be ready to follow along! Then, stick around after the modeling is done while I give a peek of the studio from my side of the cameras!


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How about showing how one could be made into a Dynamic Component and one that cuts openings?

OK, I’ll admit it, I don’t think I would have much trouble making those parts but making a cutting DC is a whole different ballgame!

Not sure how these would be made dynamic, Simon. Hole cutting wouldn’t be that difficult but wouldn’t be normal for such parts.

Several of these are missing dimensions that can’t be inferred. And the last one looks like it could have some detail on the far side that isn’t called out.

I confess I was being a bit cheeky because I have been trying to master the conundrum of DCs and cutting components. Both these things have made me feel like a complete idiot, not being able to do what looks simple in tutorial videos. However, with @pcmoor’s help today, I think I may have got there at last.

The first item above has a height value of 1.00. Couldn’t you make a DC that would allow that value to be altered, say?

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You could make it a DC and scale the height of it with the Component Options panel or the Scale tool.

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Spoiler alert! I’ve made the first part. Making it into a DC with only the tubular bits extendable is actually harder than I thought. Just the kind of muddle I get into too often!

Machine part.skp (302.5 KB)

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Surely it’ll be no surprise that I modeled them, too. Then I decided to play in Vray. Not finished yet.


Okay, okay, now you’re just showing off!

Didn’t try making a DC I notice…

You’re right. I didn’t make any DC’s. Actually I modeled these last night while I was eating my burger and fries. I should leave the onions off the burger. My hand smelled of onions even after washing several times with soap. At least I’m ahead on the hand washing. :smiley:


Veritable multitasking. Were you whittling some wood with your feet at the same time?

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No. I was petting the dog. :crazy_face:

Always thought you were a regular kinda guy. Now…


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An old professor of surgery was asked what is required from a good assistant. The answer was “four hands and a prehensile tail.”

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Didn’t Clint have one of them?

“Right turn, Clyde.”


anvilplan is this any use?

Ah! beat me to it Jody!