Mac Warning

Should I be worried about this message that has just popped up on my computer?


what shows up if hitting “Learn More…”?

What version of LayOut were you using?

an early warning concerning the withdrawal of the OpenGL/OpenCL support for the next major macOS release?

Current - 2019.

which is 64-bit.

I wonder how far in the future they are referring to.

No, it’s all to do with future versions of Mac OS being 64 bit. I get the same message with Acrobat Pro.

I presume it does not affect anything now but is forewarning me that if I update my OS later this year, some software will stop working if it hasn’t been upgraded to suit.

What MacOS version are you running? It’s been 64-bit for awhile.

golden rule, don’t upgrade to the initial major release of everything… :yum:

In which case, why the warning? It says it will keep telling me this every month.


It is a rule I follow. I have only recently upgraded to Mojave some 6 months after release for just that reason.

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Well, you shouldn’t be getting that message with LO2019 and Mojave. @trent, any ideas?

That warning is supposed to flag an app that is 32-bit, which is certainly not the case with LayOut 2019. I’m not getting the warning with macOS 10.14.3 Mojave on my Mac, which suggests it is something specific to your installation. I recall reports in the past of cases in which macOS mis-tagged an app as being PowerPC architecture, so maybe something similar has happened here. I’d try deleting and then reinstalling SketchUp and see if that fixes the issue.

HowTo: 32-bit or 64-bit Application?

  1. Apple Menu
  2. About This Mac
  3. System Report…
  4. Software
  5. Applications
  6. rightmost Column: 64-bit (Intel)

I presume the top one is SU 2019 but I don’t know whether that is also Layout.

That is just SketchUp. Look also up earlier in the listing:

Could by the new notarization obligation required for applications distributed outside the Mac App Store probably effective with one of the next macOS 10.14 maintenance updates?

open >> type the word ‘open’ >> drag ‘’ into terminal window >> hit return…

this resets the wrongly associated startup plist and the message shouldn’t re-appear…

you could also try it on…