Mac Settings for SketchUp Shop

Hi All,
Just purchased yesterday SketchUp Shop after viewing few weeks the Free version . I thought that I will see all the toolbars in color like in some of the tutorials but the look is just the same (Gray icons) and its not saying anywhere that I am on shop version ? What did I do wrong?

Also on SketchUp School they tell you to change to 2 D for start and for doing this you need to go to SketchUp preference on Mac and I can see it ? Can you guide me?


You have the wrong thought. SketchUp Shop will not look like the desktop versions. It’ll look like the SketchUp Free but with some added tools. One easy way to see that you aren’t using SketchUp Free is the lack of the SketchUp Free watermark in the upper right corner of the screen.

You’re following a tutorial for the desktop version. That’s not set in Preferences. It’s set under the Camera menu. In SketchUp for Web, find the Views panel. It’s the clapper board icon along the right edge. You can set a standard view there. FWIW, it is not a requirement to set the view to 2D to start modeling.