Mac osx 2021 - crash every 10 minutes

So I have a problem with my Sketchup Crashing Constantly. I discovered that for some reason Sketchup has to use 10 GB of RAM for a tiny 11.8 MB file where the model is completely 2 Dimensional. On my older MAC that has 32 GB of Ram thats 10 years old; Only Older Versions of Sketchup Works but doesn’t use a huge amount of RAM like to 2021/2022 Sketchup Pro does. It’s become so frustrating that I cannot complete projects in a timely manner.

Note: I use Sketchup to make Architectural Plans & Interior Design Plans

Which Mac OS version are you using?

If share the skp file I’ll see if I have a similar problem and, if so, if I can tell why.

By the way, your profile seems incorrect. Do you really have a Fire Pro graphics in a Mac?

MAC OS Monterey on a New (3 Month) old 16" MacBook Pro.

On this 2021 Macbook Pro I have 12 Cores of Apples M1 Pro (GPU). However on my MAC PRO Desktop (2013) I do have "AMD FirePro D300 2GB) with 64 GB of RAM. I’ve had to switch to my Mac Desktop to work out my current project on an older version of sketchup - having to convert the 2022 files to 2019.