Mac Mini for SketchUp

We have purchased 2 Mac Minis for our 2 designers and one of them is worried about performance issues regarding the equipment with Sketchup Pro. The Mac Minis are as follow:

Mac Mini 2,8Ghz Turbo boost to 3,2Ghz, 1TB fusion drive (SSD and mechanical), 16GB of Ram, Duo core i5 processor running on Mac OSX El Capitan updated.

They will be using lightUp as well with Sketchup. Should I be concerned with the performance of Sketchup??



We run SketchUp Pro on a Mac mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16GB ram without any problem.

Thanks. This will ensure that our employee’s fears might disappear although I’m sure he will open up 3 to 4 files at the same time and run auto cad and photoshop just to prove us wrong.

if an internal video system only (probably) the OpenGL-based display output is probably not the fastest… if display/printing output or raster export glitches do appear, you can try if disabling the hardware acceleration at “SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL” helps.

actually, a Mac Mini is not a typical CAD workstation…