Super slow performance!

My SketchUP is super slow on my NEW Mac mini. Thought it was my scene but I have a very primitive house with no materials applied and just rotating the scene takes literally 20+ seconds. I’ve done everything I can. NOTHING else runs slow…not Photoshop, etc.

What is actually your computer specs? Your profile makes no sense. IOS is the system used on Iphones. If you have a brand-new model Mac Mini that won’t have a Radeon graphics card. What version of SketchUp are you using?

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Also the OS number looks old, if this is actually a new Mini.

I didn’t say anything about IOS. I have a Mac mini (M1 2020 w 8GB memory).

So we are still where we started two days ago. We don’t know what your Mac is like, what version of the MacOS you are running (if “10.11.16” is right, it is so old that no current SketchUp supports it), Which version of SketchUp you are using (Web, Pro, Make, version number?) or what your model is like (you might post it).

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