Mac High Sierra & SU Pro 2018 Compatibility

Has anyone experienced any ‘issues’ pertaining to the new Mac OS upgrade, High Sierra, coupled with the latest SketchUp upgrade to 2018? From past experience, upgrades always had some glitches.

I haven’t hit any problems that I would blame on High Sierra running SketchUp 2018.

I can’t get SU2018 to work myself, on Mac running High Sierra. It seemed to work ok under Mac OS Sierra, but I just updated to High Sierra subsequent to installing SU Pro 2018, and now it hangs (App not responding) whenever I go to save a file just opened.

I have deleted 2018 at this point and trying to figure out the next move. I think the last version of SU I’ve used that seemed truly stable was 2015. I’ve had nothing but issues since…

SU 2018 Mac on High Sierra is awesome! Antialiasing on retina display looks fantastic. I had a slight issue because I had ’ as a shortcut and SU was parsing it as a shortcut while I was creating an entity using architectural units, preventing me from entering feet into the dialog. I deleted the shortcut and no more problem. SU 2018 seems faster and more refined. Clearplanmodeling probably needs to reinstall SU.

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