Sketchup 2018 crashes on Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3


Case description:

Brand new installation of Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3 on an iMac 27 inch Retina display late 2015 model.
Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 M395 2 GB

By brand new installation it is understood that the 2TB Fusion hard drive was completely wiped and newly formatted via terminal in recovery mode. Afterwards the system was installed from scratch using a recently downloaded distribution of High Sierra from the App Store via USB boot disk.

The reason I went through that procedure was to be 100% sure that the issue is not concerning a faulty OS installation on my iMac. Previous time I refreshed the OS installation was several months ago.

Sketchup 2018. Trial version. Downloaded directly from the Sketchup website on the day this message was posted: the 2th of March 2018.
Installed as one of the first applications in the new High Sierra installation.

As soon as Sketchup is launched, it shows the initial startup screen and suggests to choose the modelling template. After the “Start using Sketchup” button is pressed the application crashes milliseconds later. Extremely annoying.

Can someone please explain, what this error has to do with and is there any known fix for it at the moment?

Been trying to launch Sketchup for more than a week this year, first I though there might have been a problem with Mac OS, that’s why it took a while to reinstall it, however now we have clear evidence that the issue is in Sketchup itself.
Please advise solutions


As was answered by Barry in another topic, this is the solution: launch Sketchup from terminal with this command:

/Applications/SketchUp\ 2018/ -DisableRubyAPI YES

Sketchup developers, please fix this. This problem has been existing since at least November 2017 and still has not been fixed yet


what format did you use for filesystem ?


Mac OS Extended, Case-sensitive, Journaled


Why this format instead of the new APFS?
I don’t think case-sensitive is supported by SketchUp (and more apps)


Because the Mac OS 10.13.3 installer does not allow for installation of the operating system on a Fusion drive formatted for the new APFS file system. It only allows Mac OS Extended


The difficulty is with case sensitive, which is a non-default option on both filesystems.


Thank you very much.
I was afraid to spend the night there.


Does anyone have an alternative solution to “Applications / SketchUp \ 2018 / / Contents / MacketchUp -DisableRubyAPI YES & disown”. With this way of launching Sketchup, it is impossible to use the APIs.


How does your program folder look?
Is there a sub folder with the three SketchUp apps?


Attached screenshot of my application folder and library folder

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I have the same model Imac, AMD Radeon R9 M295x 4 GB, running 10.10.6 at this time. Sketchup gives me bug splats frequently, and has never been the same since processing a 365mb skp file. It’s in the shop now getting a new logic board after frequent problems with spontaneous shutdowns.
I’m looking at replacing the video card, not sure what might be better. The only info on the sketchup website is that intel-based video cards are not reccommended for the 2018 release.

"SketchUp 2018 Requirements
SketchUp Pro 2018 supports the following operating systems:
Windows 10, Windows 8+, and Windows 7+ [64-bit]
Mac OS X 10.12+, 10.11+, and 10.10+

SketchUp also requires a 3D class video graphics card made by NVIDIA or AMD. Intel-based graphics cards are not recommended at this time."


Hi Eday5555,
Did you find a solution?
Do you post the topic elsewhere?
This one for example "SketchUp and macOS High Sierra


No firm solution yet. Also, since I’m running 10.10.6, High sierra is not my problem. Thanks for checking, good luck with yours.


I think you already have the solution from @slbaumgartner - reinstall Mac High Sierra with the default NON-case-sensitive file system, then reinstall SU 2018. None of your subsequent posts suggest that you have tried doing that (unless I missed it).

There are lots of people (including me) running High Sierra (non-case-sensitive) successfully with SU, and the same graphics card as you have.

As other posts in this forum have said, SU does NOT play well or at all with case sensitive Mac OS X, and it is unlikely (even if it works) that you would want to run SU for long with no plugins.


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