SketchUp Pro 2018 compatibility with Apple iOS

Before I upgrade my iMac’s Operating system AND update to SketchUp Pro 2018 I wanted to check to see if anyone has done this and if there are any bugs. Thanks!

not iOS, macOS, correct? So SketchUp 2018 on High Sierra. Yes, we run on it. If you have a SSD or Fusion Drive, take the defaults and DO NOT format APFS to case-sensitive.

Thanks, yes, macOS is what I should have said.

If you have a minute maybe you could explain more about the APFS and case-sensitive settings.

I’m updated to High Sierra, and started using SU2018 Pro on my Mac yesterday. No issues yet!


I’ve been using heavily for 2 days now and have had several hanging “beach balls of death” when I presume its auto-saving. I would wait till that is sorted out. I’ve lost quite a bit of work already.

You can hunt down the SBBOD if you cmd-option-esc, then kill SketchUp (provided you’ve saved your work recently), then kill SketchUp from that panel. A spin-dump will pop up on the screen, and if you can’t decipher which thread was hanging on what call, you can copy/paste the contents and send to me, and we can take a crack at it. Are drivers and extensions up to date?

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