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Mac Sierra (Not High Sierra) Is it safe to upgrade to SketchUp 2018 yet?

Yes. It is.

Dave: Thank you for your comment. I assume that It is not yet safe to upgrade to SketchUp 2018 from Mac High Sierra. I have seen some comments that the Mac OS is not ready for prime time. I usually await Mac maintenance update before upgrading my Mac OS. Your thoughts please.

To wait a few months is usually best, The early adapters will ‘test’ and explore all possibilities. If you have a stable, working system and you depend on it for your work, stick to it. early adaptors
The last OS (Sierra) lasted about a year. Choose the category, which describes you.
The first are the innovators which test beta versions, so three months till the ‘Early Majority’

BUT, you can also run both versions, so why miss out on the major improvement to AA settings…



If you search the web you will find there are various issues people have found in High Sierra (ones that aren’t specific to SketchUp). Some were fixed in 10.13.1 and presumably more will be fixed in 10.13.2, which is currently in beta. But overall it is quite stable and reliable.

I’ve been running SU 2018 on High Sierra 10.13.1 since the release. The only significant High Sierra issues I have seen myself are because Apple mysteriously did not maintain alphabetic sorting of folder contents in the functions SketchUp uses to read them. This caused contents of some SketchUp collections to appear in random order in some inspector windows (partially fixed), and actually broke Fredo6’s extensions until he patched them. There may be remaining issues lurking in other extensions due to this change.

I have also seen a few reports that SketchUp may have graphics driver issues with certain specific Mac versions. I have not experienced this myself on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro Retina.

One thing to beware during installation of High Sierra: accept the default case-insensitive option, DO NOT install it case-sensitive. There are too many instances in which case-sensitive breaks applications (their own fault due to sloppy file and library naming, but nonetheless…).

So, I will assume that all SketchUp Sages are comfortable with upgrade to SKU2018 while using Mac Sierra (not High Sierra) I will upgrade to SKU2018 soon. My work is intense and depends on continuous functionality. I will upgrade to Mac High Sierra at a later date. Thank you for your knowledge and experience.

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I thought it was dependent of the type of hard-disk : If you have a SSD or hybrid, it automatically installs the new APFS system

Yes, APFS is default selected if you have SSD or hybrid - but that’s not the issue. Both APFS and the older HFS+ default to case-insensitive but can be installed as case-sensitive. Some IT departments that are familiar with UNIX opt to install case-sensitive for consistency with their UNIX boxes.

When APFS was first announced, Apple said it would default to case-sensitive. But when High Sierra was released, they changed their minds and made case-insensitive the default. Since APFS requires reformatting of a drive, whether SSD, Hybrid, or other, some users may be tempted to choose the non-default case-sensitive. I’m warning them not to do so!

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I suffered a lot with APFS. In the installer there is an option where you can uncheck a box if you don’t want to use APFS, but first time I left it on. In the first beta of High Sierra there was a serious issue with APFS, and so I had to wipe my drive and go back to HFS. I stayed that way during the betas, but did get a report from Apple to say they had fixed related issues. With the release version I let it do APFS again, and things have been ok since then.

If you have APFS already, an update won’t mention it, but if you’re on HFS you should see a checkbox where you can opt out of APFS.

I’m using SSD by the way.

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Apple changed the APFS default from case-sensitive to case-insensitive during the High Sierra beta period due to problems such as you encountered. Case-sensitive broke too many applications. The final release defaults to installing APFS and case-insensitive, but those are both options that you can override.

I heard about case sensitive issues, and perhaps my issue was related in some way. For me the problem was that drive space ran out, and no matter how many gigabytes of files I deleted, the drive space didn’t come back.

I too been working SU2018 on High Sierra since debut. No worry. (other than sorting mentioned above)

Did you empty Trash?

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Trash has been empty since before I downloaded SketchUp
Has been empty since before opening LayOut and since opening


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Man! I bet that’s what was wrong…

I did in fact empty trash, and also try some Disk Utility repairing too. The problem was known to Apple, and they claimed to have fixed it in the second or third beta, not sure which one.

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