Lumion/render work

Would anyone be able to give a rough price for completing a set of renders?

The project is a proposed 7 acre fishery, the client requires 3D images for planning purposes. I have no problem creating the model, it’s the renders I would need help with.

Thanks in advance!

Are you needing Lumion renders because you require motion, or would static renders using other software rendering work?

Thanks for the response.
It’s not vital that it’s lumion as we just need static shots. I’ve seen some videos/tutorials showing the ease with which trees can be placed in lumion which is why I thought of it as there may be quite a few trees to be placed.
I’m inexperienced with photoshop but I know effective results can be achieved with this also.

Yes, vegetation can slow things down. Twinmotion is another good option (was free for a while, not sure if it still is) you can spray lots of trees into the scene with it. Other renderers can use trees as “proxies” so the geometry count in the model is reduced as they only get dealt with by the renderer.
For a series of renders I think it best to keep the trees in the model. To place them in the correct perspective/lighting in photoshop would be a lot of work.

Do you have a Lumion license now? It’s quite expensive if you go with the full library of assets so that may factor into your costs. A few other things to consider:

Market - Depending on where you live or your client is based, there could be a budget range depending on the cost of living/labor in that area. Rendering firms in Los Angels or London UK would likely bill higher than other areas where labor is cheaper. Of course the internet has made things more competitive as now a firm in LA could easily hire a renderer in China at potentially lower expense.

Client - Does the fishery client have a decent budget? Have you worked with them on other projects. Are the demanding or easy going? These all can add time to the project and time = money.

Detail / Quality - Have then sent you anything as a comparable so you know the level of detail you need to achieve? Even in Lumion, it takes time to set materials, plants (as you noted), entourage lighting, high res exporting, etc.

Fixed rate vs Hourly - consider how much time you think each view will take and estimate the total hours at your desired billing rate. You can set the terms in the contract as to the number of revisions, etc to help manage expectations as clients tend to ask for more without necessarily agreeing to ‘add services’. A fixed cost per view is preferred. Keep in mind that an aerial render may take more time than say a close up ground level so consider pricing aerials higher.

Modeling effort - be sure to factor the modeling effort in addition to the rendering. This can be lumped in to the total hours estimated for your fixed fee amount or separate out so the client understands how much each task costs them and can make decisions about where to spend more money - on the modeling side or the rendering/post production side. Note that quite a few renderers don’t do major modeling and require a model be provided by the client.

WhiteRabbit…Twin Motion’s free license got extended into next year. It’s a great jumping off point for a novice renderer. Justin Gies at Sketchup Essentials has already done a pretty good set of basic tutorials for it. wmandcoltd - you might look into that if you want to do the work yourself. I’m just starting to learn it myself or I would give you a bid for the work.

Good to know it’s been extended. I have it and use it for certain tasks but otherwise I tend to use Thea.


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


If you have the time and inclination, TwinMotion will do a good job of that landscape type of image - with not too much of a learning curve. It is built on UE4 which can do an awesome job, but way more of a learning curve. (It’s free too.) Totally forget about Photoshop! If all else fails, I am happy to give you a price. (I’m good, but expensive as hell. LOL.)